Craft Festival

Craft Festival

It’s only 2 weeks until Craft Festival.  I am back exhibiting at the 20th Anniversary of Craft Festival. My first year exhibiting was 2013, I had a little scroll back through my photos to find this gem!

The first year exhibiting I remember being worried about covering my costs and how I would put the display together all on my own, but a good dose of adrenaline and friendly neighbours and it all came together. 

Now I know that I will have moments of doubt and thoughts of what am I doing? and will it all be ready in time?  Usually the Monday just before is peak panic but now I welcome that feeling and remind myself it will pass. 

If you have never been to the wonderful, slightly overwhelming (in quality and quantity) Craft Festival then this should definitely be your year to visit! 

The key I think is circling the marquees more than once, fortifying yourself with tea/coffee, lunch cake, ice cream or whichever food stuffs you fancy and then toasting your purchases with a glass of something refreshing. Seasoned visitors mark the stands they want to revisit in the programme so they can find us again. See you in a couple of weeks and do say Hello! I am on Stand A21

You can book your ticket at 

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