Jewellery FAQ's

What is 3D printed nylon?

The design is drawn on the computer in three dimensions and then sent to the 3D printer, this builds up the model using selective laser sintering (SLS) so the vortex design starts as 15 separate points and as the piece builds, fine layer on top of fine layer of nylon powder is fused together with a laser until the piece is complete.

How are the nylon pieces coloured?

Katy dyes them in her home studio using a dye suitable for nylon, the two-tone pieces are dyed twice.

I'd like a different colour?

Katy takes on bespoke orders, simply provide her a drop her an e-mail to request the colourway you are after. Occasionally colours are difficult to match but we are always happy to give it a go.

How do I care for my jewellery?

The nylon pieces are lightweight, strong and flexible. We do suggest not gardening in them however :) They can be cleaned with warm soapy water. 

Sterling silver pieces can be kept looking their best with a silver polishing cloth. 

Will my jewellery be Hallmarked?

Silver items will not automatically be hallmarked if under the weight of 7.78 grams. All silver items can be hallmarked on request, this usually takes an extra two weeks with an additional cost of £30 per item. I am registered with the London assay office and they assay (test) and apply hallmarks. It’s a legal requirement for silver over 7.78g ,gold and palladium over 1g, and platinum over 0.5g to have a UK recognised hallmark. 

How do I know what ring size I am?

Rings can be difficult to size, especially if it's a present for someone else. The best way to get an accurate ring size is asking a local jewellers, most will be happy to give you a measurement or you can buy a little plastic ring sizer either in my shop or online or taking a ring that fits and ask a jewellery shop to tell you the size, it's best to make sure that the ring that you're ordering is a similar dimension to the ring being sizied. 

I don't know what size bangle I need?

The vortex bangles come in two sizes; the small went on the wrist as an inside diameter of side 5cm but due to the nature of the design there is given flexibility in the bangle so it fits on a hand but is about 20cm circumference around the knuckles when the hand is squeezed together, if your hand is larger than that you will need the standard size bangle which has a inside diameter of 6cm once on the wrist.

The loop bangle comes in two sizes small and standard and again if your hand is a diameter of 20cm circumference around the knuckles the small will fit snuggly over the knuckles. If your knuckles are between 20 and 23cm the standard is your size.