Make South West Members Summer Exhibition 2022

Make South West Members Summer Exhibition 2022

I became a full member of MAKE Southwest during lockdown. In spite of a looming deadline for my submission, I felt it inspired to create a bold statement piece for my application into the members exhibition selection process, and I chose to play with circles as the inspiration for my Loop d Loop design. The intention was to twist and deform the circles in order to create a more three dimensional design that would look different from various angles.

Constructing the Loop d Loop necklace was quite a challenge especially as the deadline to the show approached.

The larger shapes were made by bending silver around a mandrel in order to create the right curves, while the smaller links are made with square wire to keep the chain looser and lighter.

The final piece was part of the MAKE Southwest members exhibition that was held from July to October, and I was pleased that the necklace also featured in promotional material for the show.


The completed silver Loop d Loop necklace

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