Silver daisy brooch commission

Silver daisy brooch commission

This silver daisy inspired brooch was commissioned by a customer as a 20th Wedding anniversary present for his wife. 

Using geometric influences and Art Deco styling as the inspiration for the design we decided to include leaves that would surround the flower head, and after discussing both budget & materials I began the creative process with some initial sketches.

As you can see from the photos of my first ideas, the customer liked the petal style of one design but the composition of another, and after a bit of further development we were able to agree on the inclusion of a little gold and differing finishes on various parts to give contrast to the brooch.

Bespoke silver daisy brooch designsBespoke daisy brooch pieces during cutting out

The final design was drawn digitally to ensure the shapes were precise. Then the design template was attached to the sterling sliver sheet to enable the petal elements to be pierced and cut out accurately.

Bespoke daisy brooch pieces Daisy brooch commission soldering the pieces

The leaf and outer circle were shaped in wire and then all the elements prepared before soldering. Using hard solder with a higher melting temperature for parts that would need to be soldered again lowers the risk of everything moving on the second solder.

I polished the petals and gave a steel mop finish to the leaf and stem which gives contrast to the piece. 

I love getting positive feedback from customers once they have received their finished piece, especially when I hear:

“I love it, Thank you so so much! I will treasure it forever!!” 

Daisy brooch after solderingFinished silver daisy brooch commission

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